Privacy Policy

Last Modified: [February 20, 2023]


The Japan Pearl Promotion Society ("the Society") respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it through our compliance with this policy.

This policy describes the types of information we may collect from Buyers and Visitors of the Pearl Industry Fair Japan (collectively, “Customers” or “you”) or that you may provide when you visit the Buyer registration form (our "Website") and our practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting, and disclosing that information.

This policy applies to information we collect:

  • On this Website.
  • In email, text, and other electronic messages between you and this Website.

Please read this policy carefully to understand our policies and practices regarding your information and how we will treat it. If you do not agree with our policies and practices, your choice is not to use our Website. By accessing or using this Website, you agree to this privacy policy. This policy may change from time to time (see “Section 6. Changes to Our Privacy Policy” below). Your continued use of this Website after we make changes is deemed to be acceptance of those changes, so please check the policy periodically for updates.

Section 1. Policies and Practices Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

1-1. Basic Policy

The Society respects Personal Information (as defined below) and is deeply aware that it constitutes important information relating to privacy.
When handling Personal Information in the course of business activities, the Society shall respect personal rights and privileges by having all employees of the Society comply with the rules stipulated within this Privacy Policy.

1-3. Handling of Personal Information
1-3-1. Collection of Personal Information

We collect several types of information from and about users of our Website, including information:

  • By which you may be personally identified, such as name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, or any other identifier by which you may be contacted online or offline ("Personal Information"); and/or
  • About your internet connection, the equipment you use to access our Website, and usage details.

We collect this information directly from you when you provide it to us.

1-3-2. Use of Personal Information

Unless otherwise permitted by law, the Society shall not use Personal Information for any purpose other than that for which the Society has obtained consent or has otherwise set forth herein.

1-3-3. Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Society shall neither disclose nor provide Personal Information to any third parties except as provided herein unless the Society obtains the prior consent of the customer or it is required by law.

1-3-4. Measures To Keep Personal Information Secure

The Society shall take reasonable security measures to protect Personal Information from being lost, leaked, destroyed, modified or illegally accessed.

Furthermore, the Society shall provide education to its employees regarding the handling of Personal Information, conclude an agreement concerning the handling of Personal Information and/or security measures therefor with outsourcing contractors, and manage Personal Information in an appropriate manner.

1-3-5. Inquiries From Customers Concerning Personal Information

The Society shall maintain an inquiry service office to answer any inquiries concerning the handling of Personal Information.

Furthermore, if the Society receives a request from a data subject or his/her authorized representative for notification or disclosure of the purpose of use, revision, addition, deletion, suspension of use, removal, as well as suspension of provision to third parties of the Personal Information retained by the Society, the Society shall take reasonable measures to provide the necessary response.

Section 2. Provisions Regarding Purposes of Use of Personal Information

2-1. How We Use Personal Information

The Society shall use the Personal Information collected from Customers for the purposes stated below within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use stated below.
Please note that the Personal Information collected and retained by the Society prior to February 20, 2023 shall be also used within the scope of the purposes of use stated below.

2-1-1. Purposes of Use

We use information that we collect about you or that you provide to us, including any Personal Information:

  • To promote the Pearl Industry Fair Japan;
  • To confirm the identity of Customers;
  • To obtain contact information for responsible representatives of potential business partners or business customers.
  • To manage Customer information;
  • In any other way we may describe when you provide the information; and
  • For any other purpose with your consent.
2-2. Shared Use

The Society shall share Customers' personal information as follows:

Categories of Personal Information Shared:

  • type of business, exhibitors who introduced you to the event, full name, nickname, E-mail address, message system IDs, name of employer, nationality, country of residence, date of birth, gender, passport number, date of arrival in Japan, need for a VISA, use of the free accommodation campaign, companion's full name, need for onsite translation service, share of your information to the exhibitors, official ID image, face photo.

Categories of Parties With Which the Society Shares Personal Information:

  • the IT system and event organization companies.

Purposes of Use:

  • Same as the "Purposes of Use" listed in Section 2-1-1 above.

Name of the Person Responsible for Management of the Personal Information Shared:
・Same as the contact described in "Section 5. Contact Information Regarding Inquiries about the Buyer registration form” below.

2-3. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

The Society shall properly manage Customers' Personal Information. The Society shall not provide such Personal Information to any third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the Customer, with the exception of the following:

  • If the Society has previously obtained the consent of the Customer;
  • If it is required by applicable law and/or regulations;
  • If we believe disclosure is necessary in order to protect the life, physical health, or property of a person;
  • To comply with any court order, law, or legal process, including to respond to any government or regulatory request;
  • If the Society consigns the handling of Personal Information, in whole or in part, to a third party within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use as described herein;
  • If Personal Information is provided to the parties falling into the range of the parties for shared use listed in Section 2-2 above.

Section 3. Provisions Regarding the Procedures for Personal Information Disclosure Requests

The Society shall respond if a Customer requests notification or disclosure of the purpose of use, revision, addition, deletion, suspension of use, removal, as well as suspension of provision to third parties of the Personal Information provided to the Society, in accordance with a request by the Customer or his/her authorized representative.

The Personal Information subject to disclosure shall be limited to the Personal Information the Society has the authority to disclose among the Personal Information retained by the Society.

3-1. Procedures for Personal Information Disclosure Requests

The Customer shall send his/her request by e-mail to the contact set forth in "Section 5. Contact Information Regarding Inquiries about the Buyer registration form” herein.

If any of the following applies, the information shall not be disclosed. If it is decided not to disclose the information, notification thereof with the reason therefor shall be given to the Customer.

  1. a. If the identity of the person cannot be confirmed because the information in the request form and the information in the identification documents do not match, or for other reasons;
  2. b. If the necessary documents are incomplete or imperfect;
  3. d. If the requested information for disclosure, etc. does not fall under the category of “Personal Information”;
  4. e. If we believe there is a risk that the life, physical health, property or other rights or privileges of the Customer or a third party may be harmed;
  5. f. If such disclosure will pose significant harm to the appropriate conduct of the business of the Society; or
  6. g. Any other justifications provided under applicable law and/or regulations.

The Personal Information collected per the request for disclosure shall be used within the scope necessary for responding to such request only.
The Society may contact the Customer or authorized representative by e-mail or telephone in connection with the request for disclosure.

The procedures for request for disclosure may be changed in whole or in part without notice.
Any changes to the procedures shall be published in this Privacy Policy.

Section 4. Measures for Secure Management of Website Information

The Society's handling of Personal Information collected on the Society's Website or through user registration shall essentially follow the provisions above, and in particular comply with the following provisions.

The Society shall manage and maintain Personal Information using a strict management system, and endeavor to take all possible measures to strengthen security so that Personal Information of Customers shall not be lost, destroyed, modified or leaked to unauthorized third parties.

The Society's Website includes services that require Customers to register Personal Information.

Details about the purposes of use for the registered Personal Information are as described in this Privacy Policy.

On the the Society Website, there are pages that use technology called "Cookies" to make it more convenient when Customers access the site again.

the Society uses Google Analytics.

More information about how Google Analytics is used by the Society can be found here:

Section 5. Contact Information Regarding Inquiries about the Buyer registration form

Inquiries, requests for disclosure, as well as complaints regarding the Buyer registration form shall be directed to the contact below:

Pearl Industry Fair Japan - Event Administrative Office

Section 6. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

The date the privacy policy was last revised is identified at the top of the privacy policy.

You are responsible for periodically visiting this privacy policy to check for any changes.