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4th Pearl Industry Fair Japan

No. of visitors 744 people

(Including 311 international visitors)


Hybrid international BtoB exhibition held in Kobe

Hybrid international BtoB exhibition held in Kobe

This fair event is organized by the Japan Pearl Promotion Society as an exhibition and business meeting chance for buyers not only in Japan but also from overseas. In Kobe, where many pearl businesses are located, this event will gather more than 100 pearl companies and thus create a unique opportunity to see various kind of pearls and interact with these suppliers. Don’t hesitate to visit! Visitors under 16 years old cannot enter the event venue. Thanks for your understanding.

Free hotel for the first buyers to register!(up to 70 rooms)

※Only buyers coming from overseas are eligible. *A transaction of USD30,000 or more during this event is required.
※Buyers who can present an invoice of USD50,000 or more will be eligible for the free accommodation campaign during the 5th Pearl Industry Fair (Nov 2024).
※Up to one companion per room free of charge.

Cancellation Policy for the Free accommodation campaign

※After applying for the free accommodation room, if you need to cancel, please contact the Event Administrative Office up to 3 days before your check-in date.

※In case of cancellation without prior contact/no show, we will not be able to offer you a free accommodation room for the next Fair. Thanks for your understanding.

VISA application or entry measures differ depending on your country of residence, so please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for details.
To ensure your smooth entry to Japan, all visitors are recommended to register on the Visit Japan Web online service for immigration and customs service.
For buyers who cannot come to Japan, bookings for online business meeting are also available.

Why Visit Pearl Industry Fair Japan?

More than 100 exhibitors
to meet with

This large-scale event specializing in pearls is held in Japan. More than 100 Japanese pearl businesses will exhibit.

Many Akoya products carefully selected by each exhibitor

Very rare Akoya pearl necklaces and loose pearls will be displayed. Don't miss out!

All in Kobe,
the center of
pearl business.

There are many companies involved in the pearl business in Kobe, where the event is held. It is said that Kobe is the place to find all the pearl materials you need!

Pearl expert

at your service

Our concierges specialized in pearls will efficiently guide you to the products you are looking for and assist you in the purchasing process.

Akoya Pearls, South Sea Pearls,
Black Pearls...
Pearls from all over the world

showcased at once

South Sea Pearls, Black Pearls and Japanese Akoya Pearls, which were collected by experienced Japanese pearl wholesalers from producers all over the world, will be showcased.

Cannot attend in person?
participation available

※Advance registration required

If you can come to Japan, please take this opportunity to visit the venue in Kobe. Online participation is also available.
Livestream sales by visitors are prohibited.
(Online meeting could be arranged only between registered buyer and exhibitor)

about Japan pearl

Japanese pearls are gaining popularity around the world thanks to their high quality and sophistication.
The majority of Akoya Pearls in particular—with their outstanding beauty in a variety of colors such as white, pink, green and rose—are produced in Japan.
This is the first exhibition specialized in pearls held in Japan for overseas pearl buyers. We will present attractive products of South Sea Pearls, Black Pearls and Japanese Akoya Pearls collected by experienced Japanese pearl processors from producers around the world.

About Japanese Pearl



Japan Pearl Promotion Society
(+Council for Strengthening Collaboration of the Pearl Industry)


Japan Pearl Exporters' Association

incorporated administrative agency
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City